Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Guitar

While I was in Michigan this summer I got a new guitar.  I've had it for a while, but I've only recently been able to start recording with it (and blogging about it).  My previous guitar was a hand-me-down faux-Stratocaster made by Washburn called a "Lyon".  It worked pretty well for me for the last ten years, but lately it has not been doing so well.  In the summer, my dad and I went to our local music store under the pretense of looking at guitar strings.  I was very close to buying a Fender Jazzmaster.  After thinking on it for a few days, we came back and that day the store got in a shipment of Gibson hollow-bodies.  I was reluctant because my dad's Gibson ES-335 is so big, but the ES-339 is the same but with a smaller body.  Once I tried it, I couldn't go back. The fact that it was about as much as my first car was also cause for some deliberation.  Anyway, I bought it and managed to get it back to Providence safely.   Here are some pictures:

So far I really love it - sounds great (sustain!), plays great.  Now to make some time to record with it ... 


  1. It's gorgeous, dude. I picked up my 'good' violin for the first after using a cheap one the last 3 years. To keep with the car analogy, I could tell that it handles nicely, but I'm no longer able to drive it at top speed. It was that frustrating kind of motivation that may or may not make me want to practice.

    So. You name it yet?

  2. I'm just happy if I can avoid crashing or stalling the damn thing! It is pretty crazy how much better a decent instrument is than a cheap one ...

    If you have a mic and garageband you could play on some tracks I have ... just sayin' is all ...

    Also, no name yet. I was sad to learn that there are many many Lucilles :