Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Naked Baby Photo ...

While I was at my parents house in Michigan this summer I came across a box of old cassettes.  One of the tapes was of the Grosse Pointe North "Senior Concerto Concert" on June 1st, 1995.

In 1995 my older brother was in a band that lacked a drummer but wanted to play in the concert (I assume someone in the band was a senior in high school at the time).  I was twelve at the time, and though I got a drum set for the previous christmas, I hadn't been playing much longer than a few months.  Somehow intense shyness and lack of musical ability didn't stop me from playing with them.

We played an epic eleven minute version of the Allman Brothers' classic "It's Not My Cross To Bear" complete with a kazoo solo and what sounds like a violin (though I have no memory of any violin player).  Anyway, for your listening pleasure, here it is:

Sound quality is not the best, but what do you want from a cassette that's been sitting in a basement for fifteen years ...

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  1. My brother writes "Steve was playing a kazoo solo and Craig Stanley was on viola. He and Paul (bass) and the rhythm player were all seniors. I was a junior, Steve a sophomore and you were in middle school. Recall also that we were all in sunglasses and suspenders and Fozzie Bear made an appearance on your bass drum."

    As you can see, nothing but class!