Sunday, November 13, 2011


I haven't been blogging much but I recently went to Michigan to attend the memorial service for my friend Aaron Anderson so I thought I'd write something about him. Aaron and I went to college together and went on a study abroad to Tibet in 2003. I didn't hang out with him very frequently outside of Tibet, but every few months he'd show up at my place with some beers and a stack of records. It was really great just hanging out and playing snippets of songs we liked.

Even when things were rough in Tibet, Aaron was never one to complain and it was nice to hear from his family and close friends that this never changed even at the end. Aaron was one of the first people I met who didn't just know a lot about music (he did know a hell of a lot) but always managed to express how much he loved it. Though he owned records worth more than my car, he found this cassette tape in the street in Lhasa and was so excited that we went to buy a cheap player that night to hear it. As a Buddhist he was neither preachy nor new age, something that at the time I thought was impossible for a Western Buddhist. I wish I had been better friends with him, but I'm glad to have known him and he's someone I'll never forget.  

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