Monday, March 29, 2010

Late At Night 2:30 Disco

When I was in Lhasa for the first time about eight years ago, my friend Aaron found this beat up cassette on the ground.  After acquiring a crappy portable player we listened to it and found that it contained the most ridiculous techno ever.  The title is 深夜2:30的土高 (shenye 2:30 de tugao) - "Late At Night 2:30 Disco."  Classic.

When I moved back to Lhasa after college I would sometimes go out to dance clubs there (at that time it was either Babi-La or Tang Hui depending on which was open), and believe me this is pretty representative of what they played.  At first I hated it, but after a while its bizarre charm grew on me.

Anyway, I had planned to make an mp3 of the tape for a long time and since it is a miserable and rainy spring break here in Providence, today felt like the day.  So after eight years, here it is in all its glory, Late At Night 2:30 Disco:
There is some clicking at the start of the tracks, but what do you want from an eight year-old cassette that was found in the street.  For my money, the best part is at about thirteen minutes into Side A which features a segue from Aqua to Bon Jovi to Bonnie Tyler.  Magnificent!


  1. Oh my god! 1 million stars and infinite Hey New!!

  2. Update: Becky, who is waaaay better at Chinese than me, says :

    "it looks like it's actually di shi gao, rather than de tu gao. Tu and shi are very annoyingly similar: 土 and 士. In that image, it's hard to tell, but I think it is a shi. I would also wager that in this case, de is pronounced di, just cause that's closer to disco, so I think all together it's di shi gao, which is fun to say out loud and hear the silliness of the approximation."