Saturday, January 8, 2011


I finally made it to Sarnath, India.  It's the place of the Buddha's first teachings.  My train from Delhi was a little over 26 hours late though.  It was about 10 hours late arriving and had to make frequent stops (they say because of the thick fog).  Anyway, I've surely missed my chance to meet with the professor I waned to meet here, but I'm taking the chance to visit the places.  I visited a Jain temple for the first time and learned about their intense practices (going naked, not eating, etc).  The monk at the temple had lots of photos to show me.

The train ride was really really cold.  I was used to the (comparable) luxury of Chinese trains, which do not have open windows and provide a blanket for sleeper cars.  Luckily, a Tibetan family lent me a blanket the second night.  Together with my towel and jacket, it made for a not too chilly night.

I leave for Kathmandu on the 11th and I hope I can settle into a nice routine there (and post some photos too!).

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