Monday, January 17, 2011

New home

I'm finally getting settled in the new apartment.  When I arrived in Kathmandu I was staying in a monastery guest house. It was nice, and particularly nice for a friend of mine to have set it up in advance (there is a nice peace of mind in knowing you will have a bed!) but it had a hotel room feel and I didn't feel like I wanted to live there. Also, I was told there was a desk in the room, which is true but it's not exactly the kind of desk one could do work at :

The "desk" in my guest house ...

Maybe it's nitpicky, but for me I can get work done only if I have a decent desk (well that's not really true, but it makes working much easier / more pleasant). So now I'm living in an apartment rented by the Fulbright people which is really nice. It's part of a house and has an upstairs and downstairs. Here are some pics:

Dining room



My room (it has a nice balcony, which is not pictured)

Now that is a desk ...


Living room

There is one other Fulbrighter in the house. She's also a PhD student so she's pretty studious, which is a good match and makes the house quiet and peaceful (I had worried before that it would be full of partying undergrads ...) Anyway, load shedding begins soon, so I'd better wrap this up.

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