Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday / Chinese New Year

Today is both Chinese New Year and my birthday. It's the year of the rabbit and I'm 28. I decided to celebrate with a haircut and a shave. It was pretty nice and pretty thorough: two passes with the razor, slathering by head and face with several creams and liquids, and a shoulder / head /face massage. Getting a shave in Indian and Nepal always reminds me of the Bug Bunny cartoon Rabbit of Seville. The guy seemed reluctant to shave off my mustache; he saved it for last and asked me three times if I was sure. He also made sure my hair looked just the way it did for my high school homecoming dance. Here's a before and after:


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  1. I tried to comment yesterday but developing country's internet was not with me that day. I cut my hair for the new year too. :) Happy birthday!