Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music recommendations from the universe

Earlier this week I got a package from and it had a CD by John Renbourn in it.  I was surprised because I didn't order anything from and I never heard of John Renbourn before.  I emailed Amazon and told them what happened and they replied with a nice email saying,
Normally, we would ask that you return the item to As the cost of returning this item is likely to be prohibitive, please dispose of this item at your own convenience if the item is unusable, otherwise please keep it with our compliments or you may donate it to a local charity.
So I ripped the CD and have listened to some of it and I actually like it a lot so far.  It is instrumental acoustic guitar playing, a little similar to Leo Kottke.  I'm not sure of the odds of getting a CD sent to you by mistake, but it seems unlikely.  It seems even less likely that it would be something that you actually like.  Anyway, was a nice surprise.

UPDATE: Turns out this was a gift!  Still a nice surprise though ...

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